Obstetrician in Chicago, IL

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Obstetrician Near Me in Chicago, IL
Obstetrician Near Me in Chicago, IL

Table of Content:

What is an obstetrician?
Why should a woman see an obstetrician instead of a family doctor?
Can you see an obstetrician after you have your baby?
How do I choose an obstetrician?

Women’s Health Consulting Chicago, IL, LLC proudly provides personalized healthcare for women during and after their pregnancy. Our specialized medical team conducts ultrasounds, blood testing, physical examinations, fetal examinations, and many other prenatal care services. This can help prevent pregnancy complications and potential complications during and after birth. If you are pregnant, you should regularly be seeing an obstetrician to ensure the safety of you and your child. You can schedule an appointment with Women’s Health Consulting over the phone or online.

What is an obstetrician?

Obstetrics is the field of medicine that deals with pregnancies and female reproductive organs. Unlike gynecologists who specialize in non-pregnancy-related conditions with women’s reproductive health, obstetricians specialize in antenatal and postnatal care. Obstetricians have the education and qualifications to deliver babies, provide medical care for pregnant women, and provide care for women after they’ve had their babies. They have the skills necessary to perform complex deliveries and cesareans.

Obstetricians are qualified to deal with the following pregnancy complications and general women’s healthcare needs:

– Ectopic pregnancies
– Multiples (twins, triplets, etc…)
– Adolescent pregnancies (20 or younger)
– Geriatric pregnancies (35 or older)
– Placenta issues
– Preeclampsia
– Emergency or non-emergency cesarean sections
– Fetal distress
– Prolapsed cord
– Fertility treatments
– Postpartum depression

Why should a woman see an obstetrician instead of a family doctor?

Going to an obstetrician is extremely important to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Getting the right prenatal care will make the entire process much safer. Family doctors can perform ultrasounds, test bloodwork, and can sometimes even deliver babies; however, obstetricians are specialized in this area. If you have any preexisting conditions like diabetes or a history of miscarriages, seeing an obstetrician is highly recommended.

During high-risk pregnancies, your obstetrician is qualified to give the following tests:

– Ultrasounds
– Lab testing
– A biophysical profile
– Umbilical blood sampling
– Amniocentesis

It is recommended to see your obstetrician once a month in the first 26 weeks of pregnancy, once every three weeks during 26-32 weeks of pregnancy, once every two weeks during 32-36 weeks of pregnancy, and once a week from week 36-delivery. Regular appointments are vital for a healthy, happy pregnancy!

Can you see an obstetrician after you have your baby

You can definitely see your obstetrician after you have your baby. Obstetricians care for women up until about six weeks after delivering their baby. As long as your overall health looks good after this time period you will go back to see your gynecologist for general reproductive health care. Many OBGYN doctors are specialized in both gynecology and obstetrics so you may be able to continue seeing your OBGYN long after giving birth.

Your obstetrician will want to go over the following during postnatal care:

– Talk about symptoms of possible postpartum depression and any other mental health issues you’re struggling with after becoming a mother

– Figure out what birth control options, if any, are best for you after giving birth – Care for any conditions that arose during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes – Make sure that you’re healing well, especially after a cesarean or a complex delivery

How do I choose an obstetrician?

Choosing an obstetrician can be a somewhat daunting task. A good obstetrician should make you feel supported and at ease during your entire pregnancy. This is an exciting and life-changing experience so finding a doctor that you are comfortable around is key. If you have a specific condition that may complicate your pregnancy, consider researching an obstetrician with experience in that specific area.
Ask any friends who’ve previously had a baby if they have any recommendations or look online for great reviews.

You can also ask your family doctor if they recommend a specific specialist. If you live in Chicago, Women’s Health Consulting offers fantastic women’s healthcare centered around evidence-based and holistic practices. Our clinic is located in The Loop at 200 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 1550. We serve patients from Chicago IL, Cicero IL, Oak Park IL, Forest Park IL, Berwyn IL, Maywood IL, and Logan Square Chicago IL.