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General Women’s Health Services Questions and Answers

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General Women’s Health Services Near Me in Chicago, IL
General Women’s Health Services Near Me in Chicago, IL

Table of Content:

What is a well-woman exam?
Why is a well-woman exam important?
What is included in a well-woman exam?
What general women’s health services are available at Women’s Health Consulting IL?

Every woman has complex health needs, from physical and mental health to reproductive and sexual health. Each female body has a delicate balance that must be understood in order to remain in a healthy homeostasis. Part of maintaining this balance is by addressing any medical concerns, staying on top of health through preventative exams, and working closely with a team of women’s health experts.

What is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam, sometimes referred to as a gynecologist exam, focuses on physical health, sexual health, and reproductive health, and is an important step in preventative care. During a well-woman exam, doctors are able to screen for specific diseases and conditions and identify various risk factors based on personal and family medical history.

Well-woman exams are different for everyone, because every individual has unique health needs. The overall components of this exam depend on a few factors, including age, sexual history, and medical history. They often cover things that are normally part of a regular physical exam, such as measuring height and weight, and checking blood pressure. They will also discuss menstruation health and any abnormalities or concerning aspects, like heavy, irregular or painful periods.

Why is a well-woman exam important?

Well-woman exams are important for a number of reasons, mainly because of the preventative care they provide. Benefits of a well-woman exam include:

Catch Cancer Early with Cancer Screenings — One of the most important aspects of a well-woman exam is cancer screenings, which may include mammograms, pap smears, and other procedures.

STI Screenings and Asking Questions — Talking about sexual health is an important part of every well-woman exam, and often involves discussing sexual activity and the risks of sexually transmitted infections. These diseases are incredibly prevalent and can cause serious health complications if not treated right away.

Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy with Birth Control — While discussing sexual activity, the topic of pregnancy is bound to come up. The provider will want to know what types of birth control are currently being used, which ones have been used in the past, and help patients find the right birth control product for their needs, if deemed necessary. In addition to this, patients can talk about potential side effects from birth control and get answers to any questions they have about their current birth control methods.

Pre-Pregnancy Counseling — Well-woman exams are also great for people who are thinking about or trying to become pregnant. Pre-pregnancy counseling will help patients understand the best ways to care for their body to make a pregnancy more likely, easier, and healthier. This provides a great opportunity to ask questions about pregnancy so that would-be mothers understand everything they need to know.

What is included in a well-woman exam?

Well-woman exams cover several different health topics, and although each visit is different, they may include:

– Contraceptive Counseling
– Mental Health Counseling
– Substance Abuse Screening
– Alcohol Abuse Screening
– Cholesterol Screening
– STI Screening
– HIV Screening
– Vaccines and Immunizations
– Nutrition and Diet Counseling

What general women’s health services are available at Women’s Health Consulting IL?

Women’s Health Consulting IL provides the following women’s health services:

– Annual physical exams
– Internal/external pelvic exams, including Pap smears
– STD testing
– Contraception management
– Fertility evaluation
– Menopause management
– Family planning
– Screenings for conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
– Minimally invasive procedures to treat fibroids, polyps and endometriosis
– General health counseling
– Lab work

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